“Transitions: An Interdisciplinary Conference”
Pelham House, Lewes, 11 June 2009
The School of Humanities Graduate Centre at the University of Sussex is hosting the last
one-day annual postgraduate Conference on 11 June 2009. 
This interdisciplinary conference is organized by postgraduate students 
and aims to bring together researchers/students/recently graduated from 
widely divergent fields to share perspectives of their work. In 
addition to providing an opportunity to receive feedback on works-in-
progress, this conference aims at enriching the way we think and speak 
about research today. It will enable participants to investigate, 
evaluate and connect with current trends and new developments in 
scholarship and research.
The conference will feature panel presentations (of approx. 20 min. in 
length) with three speakers on each panel and time for discussion at 
the end of each session.
Sessions will be built around themes, with presentations grouped as far 
as possible in ways that bring together a variety of historical and 
generic areas of study. The following list of themes and topics is 
indicative only.
Papers might consider (but are not limited to) the following themes and 
• Gender and Sexuality
• Narrative
• Space, Place and Location 
• Intertextuality 
• Religion 
• Interpretation and Critique 
• Media, Film and fusion 
• Performance and the Body 
• Language, meaning and discourse 
• Representations of Culture 
• Political Theory 
Submissions are strongly encouraged from individuals and groups working 
in all fields in the School of Humanities:
• American Studies
• Art History 
• English 
• Drama 
• History 
• Sussex Language Institute 
• Linguistics and English Language 
• Media and Film Studies 
• Music 
• Philosophy
We particularly welcome proposals from early career’s researchers.
Please send your proposal (300 words) for a 20 minute presentation and 
a biography (including name, degree, year and research interests). 
Abstracts must be received by 01 May 2009 to be considered. 
Please direct all submissions and inquiries to the Sussex Hums 
Conference Team at: